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Our Team

Excellence Since Inception

Mesubi was started by post-graduate software gurus and social entrepreneurs with a responsible awareness of all resource revolutions beginning with the explosion of Big Data leading to the constituent accountability its' actions uphold.

Synthesizing Data is the art of helping businesses and institutions thrive by harnessing analytics to improve decision models that define the appropriate Business Intelligence strategy.

Our team loves the pulse that drives the economic engine of change and lives the inclusion of enlightened business practice. It is a way of giving life and smooth transition to our new system: something we all own, define, assess and reshape. We are prized for leveraging industy-proven products, process, and methodologies to help you gain a competitive edge and reach strategic goals.

While every business model starts from an idea or a synthesized risk-based model to capture value on demand, yours is much more than this. Your performance, prior and current, is an important part of the world's ever changing economic ecosystem. And for this reason, to Mesubi, what you do matters.

We love growing businesses. Mesubi will help you determine where you are and where you want to be. Let's work to create a model that will have a measurable impact and lead to sustainable growth. Afterall, Mesubi means "I Climbed!"

Welcome to our ecosystem.